Boozie’s Beehive (In Progress)

Currently working on a branding project for a farmer’s market company that sells all natural items with honey and beeswax called Boozie’s Bees. A small project of creating product labels and designs and website eventually for a client. Currently, have a logo created and working on color selection and other brand assets that will be needed.
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Turnrow is a personal care online store that sells products like soap and candles. They are all natural and use products that are safe for the environment. This will be a sustainable com- pany that does recycling and reusable objects to keep its company going. I designed a new logo, packaging applications, website, magazine layout, and a promotional image of what the company does.    
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American Apparel

Rebranding American Apparel is all about changing their current image. The company needs to focus on what their brand represents and what it portrays about the American look and feel for clothes. With this brand book idea it will give the image a complete makeover of what the company is all about right now. Here is the Brand Book with my research.
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