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ShiftAway Application

This application was created to help give employees the ability to switch shifts and to get manager approvals. When working as an employee at Banana Republic, I always had trouble switching my schedule around when something important came up in my life. It was always a hassle to text, call, or email someone to see …

Social Media Ads – Soundwall

Social Media ads are a must in today’s companies. Pushing to the public through Facebook, Instagram, and targeting ads are the best ways to get product or brands seen. At Soundwall, I created several ads that reached out on all three. I worked on their social media accounts for several months, pushing images and ads.

Additional Artwork

I use Illustrator, Photoshop, along with the more classic arts of paint and pencil. I continue to be crafty in my free time, but recently have been improving my skills in Photoshop with illustration. If you are interested in something original, please contact me through email.

AFW Email Designs

As the Jr. Developer, I worked on sending out American Furniture Warehouse emails weekly. I created the design and code for each email. This process included working with others to pull product for the email, create a design for each one, and then coding it to fit all email platforms. AFW uses Listrak to send out and …