Jobs for Change


It’s hard for the homeless to find a job when their appearance and education are not to the standards of employers.

Jobs for Change is an application that is there to motivate the homeless by giving them the opportunity to find simple jobs and get quick cash for doing them.

What the app does is show the local businesses that are looking for someone to do a simple job such as leaf blowing or holding the company sign, and having the homeless apply for the job. The jobs will be dealt with daily, and given out based on who applied first and what the person has put on their personal profile. Every job completed will lead to the individual getting rewards such as a free meal or even a night in a hotel! Ultimately, the app will be able to help the person network, improve their living situation, and maybe find a decent job in the future.

In the near future, I hope to have a desktop mockup for the homeless that do not have phones. They can go to a local library and use it to find jobs in their area.


 Here is a live prototype of the App.