Shift Away


Shift Away is an app created to aid employees and employers from the frustration and difficulty of switching and giving away shifts at ones work. This was mainly created for retail stores that have many employees that are part-time. These employees sometimes have last minute things come up that requires them to switch shifts or get their shifts covered by someone else.

This is where Shift Away allows employees to trade or give away a shift and send it to a manager to be approved.

This removes the trouble for employees to have to go to work and requiring them to call, text, and email other employees to take their shift. Shift Away will also helps employers with the hassle of updating shifts and remembering what employee is covering for who.

The app is simply designed with the opening tab being “My Schedule” which gives the employees schedule and the ability to update their schedule. This is where you can ask to post a shift for others to see on the “Shifts” tab. Lastly, the “Message” tab is for messages sent to you about post that you made or approvals from managers.