XTIVIA is a technical advisory service and consulting firm for small and large companies looking for help with key technology disciplines including applications, big data, business intelligence, BPM, CRM, databases, portals, SOA, and more. Recently they changed the branding of XTIVIA and worked on updating the design on their site and paperwork.

As a summer graphic design/marketing intern, I focused on the design and look of the data sheets and case studies and helped change these files into the new brand. I did over hundred of file modifications for XTIVIA with inDesign. Not only that but I also worked on their WordPress website and adjusted some errors for them.

I also worked on a project for them to build a new WordPress website. XTIVIA wanted to see if pulling out different services and solutions and creating a separate site for each one would improve the UX experience of their site. We created a Microsoft website that focused on their expertise in this service with Microsoft.